Constant acceptance moment by moment

broken bandaged hand

I am grateful for all the support I feel around me and the skill I have in my dominant right hand. However, my frustration and exhaustion also want to increase their conscious presence as I navigate this new reality. I have to ask for help!

I remember we all needed each other, but this practice of holding back and giving up my identity as a superwoman has brought me to my knees. Pain is the great equalizer, and I feel very humbled by the human body and its powers to heal. But boy, it’s not fun!

Any growth can be painful both physically and emotionally. Healing demands so much of us as we learn to let go and rest in discomfort. We are the collective consciousness of humanity.

We are all recovering from the trauma of the last year and a half. The covid pandemic demanded so much of us, as we witnessed all the losses and suffering. My need for help is a reminder that we depend on each other and that we all have a hand in helping us move forward.

Yoga finds us daily where we are. Not where we think we should be or even where we want to be, but to meet ourselves and others with compassion for where we are now. We begin each moment with our presence, to be here.

I hope we can honor this Memorial weekend for all the warriors of love, who despite the great pain have remained faithful to the wonder of joy. We can celebrate the brave souls who walked before with courage in spite of all the obstacles that pain presents. May we continue to heal our hearts, and when necessary, be willing to ask for or lend a hand!

Rest assured, be happy, be content to find loving kindness today.

The light in me honors the light in you,

Laura Jane

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