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Yoga in the Former Soviet Union

Imagine a country where Yoga was regarded as illegal Eastern mysticism, and people who practiced it were viewed as quacks and contortionists. This was the prevailing view in the USSR, despite the existence of quasi-legitimate organizations like the Yoga Association of the USSR, founded in 1989, and whose membership once totaled 5,000 brave souls.

Five Things Yoga WON’T Do For You

Yoga has given most of us so much: reduced stress, improved health, even friendships and a social outlet. However, it’s not a panacea. There are a few things that Yoga won’t do, regardless of what you might have seen on television.

How to Prevent Common Yoga Injuries

We all think of Hatha Yoga as a healing activity; but in the case of asana practice, like every form of movement, injuries can happen. It is also true that anyone could be injured while walking. However, according to…

The Importance Of Breathing In Yoga

One of the primary principles of Raja and Hatha Yoga is called pranayama, which is the art and science of controlled breathing. In everyday life, people tend to breathe from the chest, instead of from the belly. Deep breathing from the belly is healthier and deeper. Watch a sleeping baby, or kitten, and you will find that their breath seems to fill their belly.

The Ego As An Obstacle To Yoga

Training one’s ego to take a back seat is part of a Yoga practice. Our egos often undermine attempts to better ourselves, which seems surprising at first, until one realizes that the ego is not the Self. When we use the word “ego” in this context, we are referring to the mind. This definition of ego may differ from the definitions used in psychology.

Hatha Yoga for the Back – The Cat Stretch

Yoga stretching movements are excellent for all kinds of different ailments, aches, and pains. Lower back pain can be extremely debilitating, which can make sitting, standing, and laying down a painful experience. A stretch that rounds the back off, and is especially effective for the lower back, is the cat stretch.

The Special Bonds in Chair Yoga Classes

Chair Yoga classes create special bonds for practitioners. From birth to old age, the desire to be accepted is an overwhelming prerequisite for happiness. For people who suffer from chronic illnesses or disabilities, however, the difficulty of participating in social or physical activities often hampers their ability to establish bonds or to feel like part of a community.

Yoga for Weight Loss – What Is Needed to Lose Weight With Yoga?

There are many reasons to implement a yoga routine into your weekly schedule. Many people focus on the increase of flexibility and balance that is sure to be seen by those who practice yoga regularly. While it is definitely true that avid yoga participants are more flexible and balanced than when they first begin, there are other physical benefits of yoga.

Best Yoga Warm-Up? Somatic Movement Might Be the Answer

Do you really need a warm-up for a yoga session? Isn’t yoga gentle enough on its own? If you need a little kickstart, how about just doing some sun salutes? The answers are, respectively… Maybe not, probably, and yes, often that’s enough… But haven’t you ever got a couple of postures into your routine and thought that something’s just a little sticky? Maybe there’s one little bit of your back that feels a tad locked, or the hips are just not as supple as usual. Well, if you have, somatic movement might just be the answer…

Yoga Classes For Children

As Yoga classes for children become increasingly more popular, a variety of programs are being offered in studios, schools, and community centers around the world. These classes provide the same benefits as traditional Yoga, but their impact can be far-reaching.