Celebrating International Women’s Day at the Muse #BreakTheBias

March 8, 2022

There is a gender gap in the modern workforce. And we see it every day in everything from politics to pay. Even as women leaders in health, education, and technology, they continue to be outnumbered, outnumbered, and outnumbered by their male counterparts (1). So today, March 8, on the occasion of International Women’s Day (IWD), we join our global community to work for gender parity and equal income. Here’s why this is especially important in technology, how we celebrate the IWD at Muse, and what Muse women have to say about technology.

Women in technology and gender diversity in Muse

For this year’s International Women’s Day, the motto is Break the Bias.

“Whether deliberate or unconscious, bias makes it difficult for women to move forward. Knowing that there is a bias is not enough, action is needed to level the playing field.”

At Muse, we participate in celebrating women’s achievements, raising awareness about equality, challenging prejudice, and forging a positive visibility for women.

Our mission? To help people live happier, healthier lives more connected lives through conscious practices and human-centered technology. We work to do this for every member of our Muse community, as well as for every member of our company team. As part of the broader and predominantly male technological world, we believe that whoever we choose to hire can make a difference. Not only do we strive for gender equality, but we also work to keep inclusion, compassion, and integrity at the center of what we do.

“The story of women’s struggle for equality does not belong to any feminist or organization, but to the collective efforts of all those who care about human rights.” – Gloria Steinem

International Women's Day

How is Muse #BreakingTheBias

25% of Canada’s technology workforce is women.

Since we founded Muse, we’ve been working to change gender differences in technology. Of our 45 employees, women make up 49% of our total workforce and 56% of our senior staff.

The average hourly wage for Canadian women is $ 4.13 less than for men.

To promote equal pay and change the gender pay gap, we are conducting internal equity reviews and are increasing our pay transparency. Being transparent about wages is a simple step companies can take to help reduce the gender pay gap and other underrepresented groups. While we know we can do more, we believe we are moving in the right direction.

Only 38% of HR leaders believe that building a more inclusive culture is an effective strategy for retaining and advancing women in technology roles.

A joint research report by Accenture and Girls Who Code found that inclusive work cultures increase the likelihood of women advancing in their workplaces. Aside from supporting women in their technology careers, we are actively working to make the day-to-day of Muse inclusive, supportive and supportive. collaborative. We try new things together, we learn together and we make mistakes together.

“We are always looking to learn more. We are still part of it 50/30 initiative to enhance our knowledge, tools and strategies. This will help us to adopt best practices to support a diverse and equitable team that can do a great job as it is. ” – Tracy Brown, Muse Human Resources Director

Male-based companies receive more venture capital funding.

Since 2010, the funding of companies founded by women has not improved. A 2020 PitchBook report shows that women founders made less than half of all funding bids compared to men. Closing this gender gap is essential to drive innovation and increase the share of technology companies. So how do we close the gap? Research suggests that Mindfulness promotes greater creativity, decreases the fear of being judged, and improves open thinking — all critical elements for cultivating an inclusive work environment. EnrichHER founder and CEO Roshawnna Novellus suggests that awareness in the workplace, especially in terms of funding, can help promote equal opportunity. Muse is #breakingthebias through our corporate wellness program promoting full awareness in the workplace.

Instead of talking about our women, listen to them directly. Here are the women at Muse about why they chose technology, what inspires them, and what advice they have for future women in technology.

Musa Women Share

Listen to what Muse women have to say about technology:

Ariel Garten, International Women's Day

Ariel Garten, co-founder and director of evangelism

“I started as a woman in technology, general manager of a hardware start-up, more than a decade ago. At that time, there were no nurseries specifically for women, no sources of funding. Now there is an incredible riches of opportunity and support. There has never been a better time to be a woman in technology. ”

Nathaly, International Women's Day

Nathaly Arraiz Matute, hardware technical manager

“When you are one of the few women in any room you have this attention and responsibility, whether you like it or not, to talk and make way for other women to join you. I really hope to be a part of that by talking to any potential engineer, sharing the “But I hope to have an even greater impact as part of decision – making and policy change to allow more opportunities for everyone.”

Alyson, International Women's Day

Alyson Baker, operations coordinator and supply chain

“The women who work here are some of the most motivated, kind and talented people I have ever worked with. They push you to be the best and motivate you to learn and grow with new opportunities every day. Such relationships are extremely beneficial to personal and professional development, and I sincerely believe that Muse is changing the lives of women in technology. “

Naseem, International Women's Day

Naseem Bawa, General Counsel

“Working in technology gives me the opportunity to work with smart, creative and passionate people as we continually learn in a fast-paced environment. I support the women I work with by keeping a “virtual door open” and encouraging and supporting them to recognize their successes and find their voice. Keep making time for personal improvement and learning and make sure it’s because are you is interested in it or serves a larger purpose. “

Madison Ramsay

Madison Ramsay, director of marketing

“It’s a shame that some women feel underqualified when they think about entering the world of technology, or any other role. The truth is that companies rarely find a ‘perfect’ candidate who meets all the requirements. So apply and give voice to your value! Your experience and perspective are important. Find technology opportunities that align with your interests, surround yourself with people who challenge you and help you grow, and explore ways to take advantage of your strong points”.


Mirkena Dollani, Vice President of Finance

“Working with a talented team nurtured my motivation and creativity and helped me grow professionally. It is inspiring to be surrounded by an innovative team that discovers new opportunities every day, offers great results with very aggressive goals and supports the future growth and success of the company. I’m impressed with how the company embraces diversity and gender equality, and I’m proud to be part of this game-changing organization. “

Cait Brown

Cait Brown, customer service partner

“Before Muse, I worked in a solar energy company as the only woman in the company. In my previous and current role, there was a significant product learning curve. Working with our Director of Software Engineering has always taken the time to educate and translate the complexity of a development issue in a way that I can understand and convey to improve the customer experience. “


Marcela Guerra, Director of Software Engineering

“I was lucky enough to have amazing colleagues and female role models when I started my career in technology. I’m very grateful and I try to get back as much as possible: being there for my teammates, supporting WIT groups, taking a “Coffee with people who want to understand what it’s like to work in the tech industry. It’s amazing that we have so many amazing groups that empower girls and women to join the tech industry. Technology is definitely for all of us!”


Jessica Nguyen, Customer Service Manager

“There’s a place for you in technology.” This is what I would like to know before joining a technology company. The idea of ​​exploring a new field was full of doubt, uncertainty, and fear. Although the journey contains these feelings naturally, I am constantly reminded of the belonging I feel with the people who have paved the way for me, the companionship I feel with those who are blocking a path by my side, and the experience that I can help create. for those who will come after me ”.


Nadia Kumentas, Vice President of Marketing

“The move to health technology has been an exciting way to have a greater positive impact on a wider audience. I’ve had great support through female and male mentoring and I personally always try to support it in kind. Choosing to work for a company like Muse that puts diversity and equal opportunity at the forefront of your company’s ethos has also made my progress as a “woman in technology” feel effort “.


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