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Healthy lifestyle

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Can online yoga teacher training be better than in-person training?

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In the last 15 months, I have given over 700 hours of online training. Prior to that, I taught continuing education for over 10 years.

I was really surprised to find that online training has not only been successful, but also has some different advantages over in-person training. (Full disclosure: In 2022, I intend to offer a hybrid TT in London. I will also continue to offer full training online only.)

The truth is that when online training is taught according to best practices, they not only meet the quality of face-to-face training – they pass it on.. You may not know that Stanford, MIT, Duke and Harvard offer online courses and degrees – the yoga community is finally catching up!

And don’t get me wrong: the 56 most recent reviews of 500-hour certified graduates doing this course online gave the training a 10 out of 10 rating in Yoga Alliance. (Review number 57 gave it a 9 out of 10).

What makes this online training unique and perhaps even more desirable to you than face-to-face training?

1. It’s easier to fit it into the logistics of modern life

➡ Do you have to take several weeks off a year to leave your family or pets? No.

➡ Do you have to stop working and lose income? Not again.

➡ Do you have to keep your regular students high and dry while you continue your studies? Unless you want to!

2. It is more profitable

Unless you live nearby, face-to-face training requires travel expenses, housing costs, eating out, and the added stress of losing income while studying. For online training, this means that you pay 50-60% less than the total costs of face-to-face training.

3. You have more time (much more!) To absorb the content

In terms of content itself, the superior e-learning experience can be summed up in three words: Pause, rewind, and look again.

The truth is that you will be saturated during face-to-face training. There is only so much that you can absorb in 8-10 hours a day.

When you train online, you can take breaks. You can rewind if you didn’t understand something, and then go live Zoom calls with prepared questions.

You can re-practice to teach inspiration and reinforce what you have just learned.

The bottom line is that you have six months to learn, digest, and integrate each module in just 12 days.. This added time gives you a lot of flexibility; it allows you to adapt the experience to your life and your learning style.

If there’s still an unanswered question or something else that’s holding you back, you can email me!


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