Beginners yoga at home 15 min

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Teacher Guidelines for Power Yoga

Teaching Power Yoga can be a difficult task; not only is it fast moving, but it also is meant to physically challenge the practitioners. Keeping an eye on students, during a fast-flowing session can be hard, especially if a class is large or if it contains beginners unfamiliar with basic Yoga practices. New students being mixed into a class full of experienced students is the studio management’s call, but it is your challenge, if you teach Yoga classes.

The Dangers of Pushing Kids in Physical Yoga

Yoga teachers are often considering the development of new programs for adults, seniors, and children. Sometimes, we consider giving children the opportunity to get the level of exercise needed to rid extra energy. This extra energy needs to be released in a positive way, but children need proper guidance and yoga instructors need to make sure classes are safe.

Yoga Poses to Nurture the Water Element

There are Yoga postures that nurture all four elements: earth, air, fire and wind. Yoga poses that nurture the water element are fluid, flowing, flexible and cooling. The water within our own bodies, and the water elements surrounding us, ebb and flow through time – just as the breath ebbs and flows. By practicing Yoga asanas that cultivate an awareness of the water element in our own bodies, our awareness of the undeniable flow of water throughout our beings becomes illuminated.

How to Get More Men Involved in Yoga

The world has changed and women are experiencing more freedom. If you’ve attended classes, a yoga teacher training, boot camps, or workshops, you have no trouble finding women. Men who enter a class full of women are very comfortable in their own skin. This is a good thing, but how can we encourage more male participation in our yoga classes, studios, and workshops.

Yoga Jewelry

Yoga Jewelry is diverse, colourful, and creative and it is a subtle reflection of a spirituality that resides within. Always, inevitably, and despite the situation, life feels better after a good yoga practice.

Yoga for Weight Loss

Obesity is the physical manifestation of deeper psychological issues. As a result, your body becomes a victim of bad eating habits and lack of exercise doesn’t do any good either.

Yoga for PCOD or PCOS

In India, around 35 per cent of women including young girls, suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), also known as polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD). Studies show that yoga is very helpful in controlling and preventing these symptoms. PCOS in a nutshell: Polycystic means multiple or many cysts.

Five Major Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has so many benefits, here are just a few to help you find out if it is right for you. If you are ever looking for an alternative to going to the gym this could be it.

Yoga Alternative Medicine

Yoga could be a better choice for you. If you practice yoga regularly, slowly but surely you will get the benefit.

Injury Precautions for Power Yoga

Often practiced in gyms, Power Yoga is a general term used to refer to a practice that is more physically challenging than many other physical styles. In order to elevate heart rate, and encourage weight loss, this form of Yoga pushes through a fast-flowing series of postures. Sometimes, the postures are held for longer than is typical, in order to build strength and muscle.