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200 And 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

A 200-hour yoga teacher training program is an exciting and transformational endeavor. With the wealth of styles and schools of yoga in the west and throughout the world it can be difficult to decide on a specific training program should you decide to embark upon this venture.

Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Is yoga a quest for enlightenment, spirituality, or just wellness? Yoga’s surge in popularity is due to the fact that it offers all this and more. Every individual has a different goal and experience with their practice, which is why it is crucial for teachers to be well versed in different approaches and styles of yoga and yoga classes.

Yoga Meditation for Silencing the Mind

Yoga meditation is one of the most effective ways of changing our thinking, and the style is not as important as the fact that it takes place on a regular basis. Although having a specific time of day and a particular place are helpful in creating a positive habit, they are not necessary.

Introduction to Kundalini Yoga Techniques

Kundalini Yoga techniques utilize a variety of Yogic methods to awaken and nourish the dormant energy that lies coiled at base of the spine of each human being. In a Kundalini Yoga class, the students follow a sequence of Yogic techniques that include classic poses, chanting of mantras and shlokas, meditation and also coordinated pranayama exercises.

What You Need to Know Before Starting Yoga

Is yoga something that interests you, but you feel a bit intimidated? I know I felt that yoga was only for very flexible people and I’m not very flexible. All you see in yoga ads are people in gravity-defying positions or people who can wrap their legs over their heads. Yoga looks like it’s just for contortionists Doesn’t it? Well that wasn’t what yoga is about at all.

Renew the Spirit and Mind With a Yoga Retreat Getaway

Recently it seems that an increasing number of people have been discussing the benefits of yoga and how wonderful it is for improving the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is actually much more than just a fitness routine. For most people who choose to practice yoga, it becomes a way of life. As a new lifestyle approach, yoga can teach you not only how to breathe properly but also how to eat healthy, keep your body in optimal shape and even gain increased understanding into your inner self and the world that surrounds you.

Teaching Yoga to Children’s Sports Teams

Teaching Yoga for a kids’ sports team helps them improve concentration and agility, and done together as a group, is an excellent “team building” exercise. Yoga is non-competitive, so the team members practice cooperation and working together as they stretch.

Office Yoga For Busy People: Get Benefits in 10 Minutes While At Work!

Yoga has many benefits including relaxation benefits and energy boosting and there are some yoga poses that will have you feeling these benefits in just ten minutes. These include some very basic postures which you can do individually or you can do them in succession. You can actually do a quick yoga workout anytime and anywhere, even if you are at home with a new baby or sitting at your office desk. There are some stretches and postures that you can do while driving or while in bed. You should begin feeling the benefits of these posts after just ten minutes.

Yoga for Children With ADHD

Yoga for children with ADHD is a sensible solution. Yoga can be an incredibly effective tool in supporting children with ADHD to improve their ability to focus and concentrate well. There is a lot of debate about the widespread use of the label ADHD among the medical community.

The Yoga Sutras Relationship to Yoga Today

Although written records of Yogic philosophy exist, many of the traditions were passed down orally from teachers to students over thousands of years. Hatha Yoga – the style from which modern practices arise – is largely based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, a text in which he explains the eight limbs of Yoga still recognized today.