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awakwning to beauty

What a beautiful white blanket that covers the earth today. It is the sweet reminder of Mother Nature to go inside and cultivate a living experience of being present. Slow down, take a deep breath and relax in the beauty of fully experiencing the moment. The habits of the mind wandering out feed the constant search and drive to do more.

This beautiful calm and peaceful snow reminds me to enjoy the tranquility of slowing down. Please breathe a sigh of relief and take advantage of this day and an opportunity to enter.

The concept of compassion is a moral guiding principle. To cultivate the awareness of self-compassion requires the will to stop always going outward and practicing to bring the mind’s attention inward. This inner purpose needs food, and as a yoga community, we must awaken this essential part in all of us: our collective heart.

There is so much fear and agitation that feeds into our media today. We have become enslaved to our emotions and have given more thought to all aspects of our lives. It’s too exhausting for our nervous system. Our well-being is challenged to stay balanced.

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