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While this trine brain model tells a clear, orderly story that is easily digestible, it is an overly simplified model that has been scientifically rejected. Evolution doesn’t really work that way, and our brain certainly doesn’t work that way.

Instead of consisting of localized “centers” of psychological function (the center of emotion, the center of reason, the center of pain, etc.), psychological functions actually take place in a whole brain level.

Our brain is made up of a wide range of neural networks they cover various regions of the brain to coordinate all about how we think, feel, perceive and feel.

In other words, brain function is unimaginably more complex than the obsolete trine brain model gives credit to.

The myth of the trine brain in yoga

Unfortunately, this scientifically accepted brainstorming model is underlying many obsolete approaches to psychology, and many of these ideas. they have made their way into the world of yoga in the form of:

  • content in the training of yoga teachers

  • explanatory models in many somatic-based practices

  • approaches to psychology in numerous yoga therapy programs

If this is news to you, you’re far from alone! In my experience, most people are unaware that the trine brain is a myth (and therefore practices and methods based on it should be questioned and criticized). It’s a very difficult myth to shake up, probably because it resonates with ideas we really like to believe about human nature.

(By the way, this tendency to believe ideas that resonate what we already want to believe is called motivated reasoning, and it’s something we all do; in fact, our brains evolved to work that way!)

Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. I really just started here in this blog post.

If you want to know a lot of essential knowledge about the brain and nervous system that is not usually taught in the world of yoga, take the new course that has just been launched on my website: Welcome to your brain: new basics of the nervous system for yoghurts!

I gathered incredible knowledge from various disciplines to create the content for this course. The narrative I created in this presentation is one I had never seen before in the world of yoga. I have high hopes that you will learn a lot and end up with a different (and more science-based) view of your body in the world.

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