6 Tips On How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Aura

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Negative EnergyIn this article, we will discuss in detail how to remove negative energy from your aura. Do you sometimes feel stressed or physically unwell without any reason? Here are 6 tips on how you can remove destructive energy from your aura.

Sometimes we have a headache, and prolonged headaches can even lead to mood swings. Well, the negative energy accumulated in your aura could be the cause of the headache.

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Negative Energy Affects Your Health

Negative energy is something that always surrounds us. Sometimes we start disliking a person even if he hasn’t done anything bad to us, and the most common reason for that is his negative aura.

Imagine your friend or relative talking about an illness. After interacting with them, you may feel very low or stressed. It’s okay to feel low or sad sometimes, but if you face these types of feelings regularly, you might be storing destructive energy in your body.

Negative energy can create chronic stress, which upsets the body’s hormonal balance and damages the immune system. Chronic stress can even decrease our lifespan, which isn’t a good thing at all.

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How to Identify Negative Energy at Your Home?

Our energies affect the environment around us, so you should always try to stay positive. But, how would you know when you are surrounded by negative energy? Well, these are some common signs that indicate there is negative energy floating around us.

  • Health problems of a family member
  • Good opportunities snatched away without any good reason
  • Doing hard work day and night but still not getting the desired results
  • Repetitive thoughts of committing suicide

So, these are some common signs that you are surrounded by harmful energy. If this is the case with you, you should try to remove it from your life to lead a positive and healthy lifestyle.

How to Remove Negative Energy From Your Aura?

Removing bad energy is a kind of task you must consider as your daily routine. Here are some things that you can do to remove the negative energy from your aura.

1. Bring in the fresh air

A closed room is believed to have a lot of negative power. It is necessary to eliminate it by opening closed windows to allow the circulation of fresh air. Always have enough light in the room, as bright colors increase the energy and positive aura of a place.

2. Meditation

Meditation helps throw out the negative energy from your body. Practicing yoga and meditation will help clean out the negative thoughts from your body. This helps in exhaling bad thoughts and inhaling positive vibes.

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3. Place salt in affected areas

Salt absorbs all the negative energy from substances instantly. If you want to clear the negative energy from a specific area, sprinkle some sea salt in affected areas, even common salt would be of great help.

4. Grow Plants

Growing plants around your home are the best possible way to change your aura. It’s the most peaceful and satisfying job you can do to create positive energy. Setting up a small garden or growing some plants on your balcony will help you to create a positive aura.

5. Always smile

Your smile is the biggest source of joy. A smile can help you fight the effects of stress, lower your blood pressure, or act as an overall mood lifter. Remember that smile doesn’t cost anything.

6. Burning sacred herbs

The smoke of burning herbs cleans the air and removes negative energy from the surrounding area. Before burning herbs, make sure all windows and doors of the room are open so the negative energy can leave your home. It would be better if you start burning sage from the front door, as it helps keep out the negative energy from the outside.


Well, we hope you understand how negative vibes around us can be removed. Using the above-mentioned methods, you can loosen and ultimately release the grip negativity has over you. With regular practice, you may also be able to modify negative thoughts to positive ones.

Removing negative energy from your body not only helps you and brings a smile to your face, but it also makes your lifestyle healthier. Remember, Health is Wealth.

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