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5 Ways to Fight Aging and Feel Younger

You’re not alone if you like to stay up late and enjoy your favorite TV shows through a streaming service. Do you enjoy a lazy day (and the night after) from time to time? There is no judgment here. However, if you have regular habits like this, research suggests that it can lead to premature aging. In case you’re feeling older than you are, Exhale Yoga Retreats shares five easy ways to combat the signs of aging and even look younger.

1. Get plenty of rest

Studies clearly show that a good night’s rest is essential to your health, and it may be more beneficial to go to bed a little earlier. In fact, any adult over the age of 18 should sleep at least seven hours each night. Lack of sleep can be manifested in health problems such as depression, hypertension, heart disease and more.

Sometimes it can be hard for people to fall asleep, especially if your mind is constantly moving with your to-do list and other worries. In these situations, supplements that promote relaxation and sleep, such as melatonin, can be beneficial, as well as listening to a good meditation or mantra. Everyone is different, so find a relaxation and sleep routine that suits your needs.

2. Travel

According to Harvard Health Publishing, research suggests that your self-perceived age, or your age, could affect your cardiovascular health. Part of feeling younger than you really are is trying new things, such as traveling to new places. Visiting new places helps keep the brain active in the same way that learning a new skill or hobby does. There are many people who choose to travel when they are younger, but it is an equally beneficial experience later in life.

3. Train

According to studies, people who train more as the years go by may feel physically younger than they do. If you haven’t been much to exercise before now, it’s never too late to start. It is best to consult with your doctor to determine what type of training will suit your fitness. Start slowly if this is a new routine for you, and build it over time.

Exercising does more than make you look better. It can also help reduce stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol while producing positive feeling hormones such as endorphins.

Fitness apps can keep you motivated and help you reach your daily workout goals. There are also fitness video games that can keep you active in your home so you don’t have to sign up for the gym. Speaking of not going to a gym, you can also consider transforming a space in your home into an ideal training space. Do you have an unfinished basement? Consider hiring professionals to turn your basement into a small gym! Just make sure you plan ahead and get a budget that you can realistically adhere to.

4. Get control of your finances

For many, financial stress can be overwhelming, so it is essential to take steps to control your finances. This can be as simple as making coffee at home, buying in bulk, or saving on expensive season tickets to the gym while exercising at home. One way to reduce your bills is to refinance your home. With refinancing, you may be able to reduce your monthly mortgage payments.

5. Take care of your gut health

According to research, the health of your gut may be playing a role in your fatigue and may even be the cause of some of your wrinkles. Over time, your body’s nutritional needs change and it’s important to know which nutrients to focus on to improve the health of your gut. Probiotics can help if you can take temporary-release supplements and more than 10 billion CFU in at least five strains of bacteria. If you can balance the health of your gut, you may find that you have more energy overall.

Regardless of your current age, it is likely that you have developed certain habits over time that may make you feel older than you are. Getting rid of these habits and incorporating new, healthy routines can help you regain energy and maybe even add a few years to your life. There is no better time to try something new!

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