5 tips on how to prepare for meditation

As described in the previous article, a space should meet the following criteria:

  • The amount of light
  • No distracting noises (read the article above to learn more about distracting noises)
  • Less or less foot
  • Close to nature if possible

Here are some conditions under which you can choose your place for meditation. It is also important to change places periodically.

2. Take a bath:

This step may not seem worthwhile before meditating, but believe me, it helps a lot. Just taking a bath before a meditation session can help you not only feel clean and hygienic, but also fresh from within and ready to immerse yourself in meditation.

Try it on for a week, whenever you feel like meditating, take a bath beforehand and don’t put on your normal clothes, but put on your shorts and start meditating. And then meditate without taking a bath, you will notice the difference instantly!

Most major distractions in the form of sticky skin, itching, etc. they will disappear!

3. Get messy:

Once you start meditating, you will notice things that distract you. For example, a wristwatch, a necklace, or a ring.

Know these distractions and eliminate any distractions from the next session. Get rid of these extra clothes as much as you can. This will not completely stop distractions, but will reduce physical distractions. Mental distractions will still be there, but leave it to meditation!

4. Put your phone in flight mode:

Your phone acts as the biggest distraction for meditation. Just a phone vibration will make you wonder what the message or email might be. Who should have sent it right now! This will lead you to a conversation with your monkey mind and before you know it, you will start dreaming and having stories of everything!

If you use guided meditation from an app, you must download it before meditation and then listen to it offline. However, not all apps allow you to do this, so put your phone in “Do Not Disturb” mode.

5. Go into meditation mode: (Preparing your mind)

Preparing your mind for meditation is as important as preparing your body and environment for meditation. There are many ways to do this:

If you have a place to meditate daily and DO NOT DO OTHER ACTIVITIES There, your mind will automatically start thinking about meditation once you enter this room or see the meditation corner where you meditate daily.

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