5 minute mindfulness exercises to be aware every day

There are ways to be aware every day even in a busy life.

Try my 5 minute mindfulness exercises! Fast and easy, efficient and … very secret!

“It’s so wonderful to be aware” – you said enthusiastically returning from meditation or silent retreat. “Monastic people seem to have a great opportunity to lead such a quiet life.” You begin to enjoy the great moments of silence and peace. In addition, many studies and research have also shown that you can be more successful while you are conscious. So you are eager to start practicing. Try my 5 minute awareness exercises now.

But … A big PEAR suddenly appears when you return to your daily life. It is very difficult to remember the practice and find time to do it! Most of us lead busy lives with work, children and also with many responsibilities and activities throughout the day.

30 minutes of meditation or yoga in the morning? Too hard, when you’re in a hurry, even being late to pick up the kids from daycare or coming home late from work. Is it time to walk consciously?

Well, in the evening, you’re exhausted after a long day of heavy traffic. All you have to do is lie on your couch in front of the TV!

But there are ways to remind yourself to be aware every day even with a busy life. Try some of my 5 minute mindfulness exercises! They are fast, easy, efficient and … very secret!

Ready? So let’s start with my 5 minute mindfulness exercises.

Here are some 5 minute mindfulness exercises for you.

# 1. Count your breaths

Counting your breaths is one of the easiest exercises to do. In a queue? Whether it’s at the airport, in the supermarket or in a cafe waiting for you to be served … There are so many occasions you’ll be waiting for. Take advantage of these opportunities to “count your breaths.”

This practice is what Thich Nhat Hanh called “waiting without waiting.” Just get back to your breath. “When I inhale, I know I’m inspiring. When I inhale, I follow my breath to the end.” Tell them in silence.

In less than 5 minutes I will be sure that you will be the only person in the queue with a beautiful smile on your face!

# 2. Name your emotions

We are human beings with emotions, and that is good. But many of us are not even aware of our emotions. We identify with them and get completely lost. In our daily lives, how often do we get angry, irritated, emotional, sad, or just bored?

Take advantage of these moments to practice mindfulness. Just notice that you have an emotion. Recognize whether they are negative, positive, or neutral emotions. Naming your feelings is one of the best ways to stay away from them. It is the first step to regaining your peace of mind.

This practice takes less than a few minutes. Remember that you are in the present moment when you are having an emotion. It will be a giant step in your conscious practice.

5 minute mindfulness exercises

# 3. Minute of meditation

Whether you are just starting out or have been practicing for a long time, a 2 minute meditation is always a great thing to do between activities. From time to time during the day, sit in a quiet place and concentrate on breathing.

Relax the muscles of your face, shoulders, arms and whole body. Notice that your belly goes up and down with each breath. Open all your senses. The song of a bird, a small noise coming from afar, a gentle breeze on your face … Just pay attention. These 2 minutes can bring a lot of peace to the rest of your day.

# 4. Morning smile in bed

A morning smile in bed is one of the easiest and most beautiful conscious practices I have ever learned. I do it every day. And believe me it brings a lot of joy. You will wake up with a beautiful day with this effortless practice.

Smile to yourself after opening your eyes in the morning. Smiling relaxes your face and produces a relaxed mood. It sounds simple, but you can’t imagine how much of a benefit it is if you haven’t tried it. With your smile, tell yourself that you are alive. It refreshes your mind that you have 24 hours ahead of you on Earth.

Oh, and if you ever forget, go back to bed and smile!

# 5. Intentionally relax your muscles

From time to time during the day you intentionally relax your muscles. While waiting in line or before a phone call, or sitting in a meeting room waiting for the presentation to begin … There are many opportunities to make this little practice a habit.

When you remember this, you may notice that your face is nervous or your shoulders are tense. Give them a chance to rest. It really only takes a few minutes and so much stress will go away.

The mere act of “de-stressing” your muscles also brings you back to the consciousness of the present moment.

# 6. Turn off the TV, radio, and phone for a moment

Believe me, turning off noise is a very important practice. As Thich Nhat Hanh said … We live in a world of noise. My family members used to leave the TV on all night in the background. Many of us leave it permanently activated when we eat or drink coffee. Sometimes even without anyone looking at it.

Needless to say, only when we turned off the sound could we notice the noise! Give your mind a moment of rest and silence, which can be short.

listen to the wind

# 7. Silently say “thank you” before eating

At the end of a long day when you have finally finished cooking and your children are fidgeting, talking, teasing each other at the table, you feel very tired. Does this scene sound familiar to you?

When in doubt, family meals can be awkward at times. Many people buy “prepared” food at the supermarket or swallow a sandwich while running to the subway station. We just don’t have enough time to cook and eat.

Remember to sit up, take a deep breath with your eyes closed, and say “thank you” silently before eating. It doesn’t even take a minute. When I do this, I see a big difference. First in me, then in all the people around me. The atmosphere seems calmer and more relaxed.

# 8. Take 3 deep breaths NOW

The easiest thing in the world right now is to take 3 deep breaths. I did this before writing this line. Can you do it now while reading it? It takes a few seconds to take 3 deep breaths. Decide to do this several times a day whenever you remember.

This exercise takes you back to the present moment. Notice that you are alive. Be aware of any feelings at the time. Calm your mind. Just look at the oxygen coming from a tree that goes into each of your cells. It’s a wonderful time.

# 9. Look for greenery while you wait at traffic lights

I used to travel a lot. And if you are I can understand how demanding, tired and boring it can be.

While waiting at traffic lights, or in a traffic jam, look for green trees or watch out for green grass from your windows. Appreciate the greenery instead of paying attention to the car in front of you. I always do that. It’s a little thought, and every time you feel a huge difference. A more relaxed and less frustrated state will be guaranteed!

# 10. Lie on the ground

I am definitely an author. I do a lot of things, especially housework and being a mom with kids. But between activities, I have now learned to stretch completely and do nothing for 5 minutes.

Pull on your carpet or on the grass outside. Wherever you feel contact with the Earth, not on a sofa or led in bed. Open your arms and legs wide, and just feel your body relaxed. These 5 minutes can provide a lot of energy to continue your day. I love this practice. Try it yourself once.

Try these 5-minute awareness exercises today

Most of us lead busy lives that involve work, children, and many other responsibilities and activities. It’s not obvious to follow our conscious practices, but I promise you there are definitely ways to remind you to be conscious every day. Try these simple 5-minute awareness exercises today. Fill yourself with deep joy, have less stress, and feel more grounded each day. Before we leave, just a word of warning: awareness exercises will be of great benefit if combined with a more sustainable lifestyle. So I would love for you to do these 5 minute awareness exercises while seriously thinking about a gradual change in your lifestyle, if you can. Organize yourself so that you can reduce some activities and do less. For example, choose a vacation spot where there is less fuss. Reduce your working time. Shop less if you don’t really need to … And with these, please don’t forget my easy 5 minute mindfulness exercises! Enjoy!

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