5 min Tuesday Morning Affirmation Meditation – DAY 2

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If Your Life Is Spinning Out of Control – Maybe You Should Give Yoga a Try!

Yoga was developed in ancient India around 4000 years ago. Today, traditional yogic lifestyle is built around five principles: relaxation, exercise, breathing, diet, and positive thinking and meditation. In today’s frenetic world, yoga works to reduce stress and anxiety and improve energy levels through concentration on deep breathing, meditation, and relaxation.

How To Deal With Yoga Related Performance Anxiety

Performance anxiety in Yoga is real. We bring our habits to the door of Yoga and Yoga accepts us as we are. If we look down there is a welcome mat for us to drop our weight and maybe even our excess baggage. When we find the spine and grow long, we may even feel we belong. And when we surrender to the feeling of the wave of the breath, we navigate the present moment. Here are some tips on dealing with performance anxiety.

Simple Tips To Keep In Mind When Performing Chest Opener Yoga Pose Camel

Camel Pose can be daunting. With baby steps we can approach this pose slowly and mindfully and experience ease within the challenge. These tips can help you take control of your practice of Ustrasana, adding more steps to mind body wellness.

Is Yoga More Beneficial To Your Mind or Body?

Is yoga secular? What is the original aim of Yoga?

How To Rejuvenate After Work With Restorative Yoga

If you need a break right now and cannot take off to a Caribbean yoga retreat, try a 30 minute restorative yoga session at home. This mini retreat might give you these 3 benefits usually derived at a yoga and meditation retreat.

First Chakra Poses Help Yoga Students Become Peaceful Warriors

First chakra poses can give yoga students the title of Peaceful Warrior on the QT. What are some of the resources needed to be victorious?

Yoga and It’s Rise to Popularity

What is yoga other than a new way to stay fit? To truly understand the reasons behind the benefits of yoga, you must know where it came from and why. The word itself, yoga, means “union” in Sankrit.

Understanding Breathing in Yoga

The flowering of our yoga practice is woven into the intimate relationship we experience with our breath. What was once a nauseating monster becomes a nourishing friend.

Yoga Beyond Physical Fitness

A lot of people know Yoga as a fitness routine, but for those who are truly interested in learning and practicing Yoga, it is beneficial to take time and really understand to the answer the pressing question on what yoga truly means. Yoga, in Sanskrit means union.

How To Incorporate Meditation In Your Yoga Practice Through Tadasana

The sport is attention training. The rewards include more productivity and feeling less stressed. Attention training requires the same dedication and commitment required of Olympic athletes and certainly worth it too.