5 min Morning Affirmation Meditation – DAILY MEDITATION

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Tips On How To Start A Yoga Lifestyle

Any time you hear about meditation, you will often think of yoga practices. Yoga has become increasingly popular among people – both the young and the old. It is indeed a practice for everyone.

Some Of The Benefits Of Adding Yoga To Your Training Routine

Whether you are pursuing a fitness career or you are simply working out to be in good shape, yoga training can offer many benefits. In short, it will help you strengthen and tone your muscles evenly as you work out. The poses and meditation also enhance your flexibility, balance, and contribute to a happier training routine.

Top 4 Health Benefits You Never Knew About Yoga

People know yoga to be health, but just how healthy is it? What other benefits will you gain from practicing it, apart from maintaining a good body shape? Such questions are common asked by beginners in yoga during a yoga retreat or yoga teacher training.

4 False Myths You Might Hear About Yoga Exercises

Yoga- one of the oldest forms of exercises known to still exist to date. Most people have tried it at least once in their life and depending on your level of patience, the results will differ. Yoga is known for various uses on improving your health and not just by burning extra calories, but also your overall body system.

The Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga

You are probably living a fast life that has driven you to a point where you are stressed out and full of anxiety. If stress and anxiety are getting the best of you, you need to try yoga from a yoga certified teacher training. Yoga is a mind and body practice which combines stretching exercises and controlled breathing as well as relaxation.

How To Make Yoga Your Primary Weight Loss Program

If you want to lose weight using yoga, you should treat it just like any other workout routines and do it regularly. Yoga’s popularity may be attributed to its uniqueness compared to other forms of workout routines. The muscles in yoga practitioners may not grow big, which is a feature that most women like about yoga, but they are improved in strength and toning just the same.

Tips for Reducing Injury During Yoga

Yoga has been a popular practice over 5,000 years. Today, approximately 11 million people in the west practice yoga – with many of them enjoying the health benefits attributed to yoga. The westernized yoga focuses on learning the physical also known as Asanas.

Popular Yoga Poses

Yoga is increasingly becoming popular as more people seek to enroll for classes. According to research, practicing yoga offers many health benefits, including increased fitness and normalized blood pressure. Furthermore, yoga is recommended highly for the treatment of stress.

Know The Most Common Yoga Postures

A certified yoga teacher training helps to tone the arms, thighs, core and chest. There are several amazing postures which play an important role in generating strength with different postures providing different results. There are several amazing postures which offer foundational strength and alignment required in mastering more advanced postures.

Popular Yoga Postures

Yoga certified teachers make sure you have developed the necessary stamina and strength which is important in building core power during practice. There are several postures which can be performed by many practitioners. However, if you feel some of these postures are easy, consider holding the posture for at least one full minute.