35 min Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga – (Minimal Cues & Backbends)

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Yoga Nidra and the Insomnia Epidemic

Have you ever wondered how insomnia has become such a major issue? Auto accidents, due to lack of sleep, might grab the headlines; but according to the Center for Disease Control, the number of Americans suffering from sleep deprivation is becoming a public health epidemic. People, who are unable to sleep, are more accident prone, more vulnerable to health issues, are more apt to have problems in their relationships, and more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression.

Music for Yoga Nidra

The music that you choose to play, during a Yoga Nidra session, should reflect the component of the practice you are working with and/or the entire Nidra practice. In other words, the Rolling Stones may not be the most suitable music to play when engaging in Yoga Nidra practices. Music that is exuberant, and energy-enhancing, may be fun in another context, but overly-stimulating and detrimental to the soothing and quiet inner environment, created by Nidra exercises.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine – Make It a Daily Habit and Make It So!

Laughter is the best medicine. How true indeed! What’s more, laughter is free, anyone can do it and the more you do, the better you will feel. Have you noticed how freely children laugh? Statistically, children laugh between 300 and 400 times a day, as compared with adults who laugh 15 – 17 times a day. With regular laughter comes the ability to renew one’s sense of humour and get back in touch with the inner child and increase feelings of joy.

Yoga Relaxation Techniques for Extreme Stress

Learning to avoid thoughts and actions that perpetuate stressful reactions in their early stages addresses the problem at its root level. Practicing the following Yoga relaxation techniques lowers stress levels and clears the mind.

Otherworldly Benefits of Hot Yoga

The otherworldly benefits of Hot Yoga, particularly, the Bikram Hot Yoga model, might not be very apparent initially. Yet still, many followers develop into devout believers in something mystical, like yoga philosophy, while doing the 26 postures Bikram supports. They do feel spirituality.

Several Stimulating Benefits of Hot Yoga

Although Hot Yoga, or, if you choose to call it by its most widely used title, Bikram Yoga, is not a genuine, ancient system of yoga, presently there continue to be many benefits of Hot Yoga. Consequently, to put it simply, to do Hot Yoga, usually you do a certain yogic routine in a very hot room, usually around 100 degrees.

Yoga and Meditation for Chronic Insomnia

Yoga has long been recognized as an aid to better sleep, but scientists are just beginning to validate the claims. In 2004, researchers, at Harvard Medical School, gave people, who suffered from insomnia, a Yoga regimen that lasted for eight weeks…

What Type of Yoga Pants are Best?

With so many choices for yoga pants and capris out there it can be difficult to choose the best yoga clothing for you. The ideal yoga pant will stretch with you as you move.

What Can Men Expect From Yoga?

Very often, men wonder what they can expect from Yoga. Within the United States, the practice of Yoga has traditionally been seen as a woman’s form of physical exercise. This view is diametrically-opposed to the traditional Indian view of the practice of Yoga.

About Yoga Nidra Practice

Just as the original teachings of Yogic philosophy have been diluted over the years, Yoga Nidra, also known as “deep sleep,” is now used to apply to almost any Yoga-related form of guided relaxation. The original practice, however, goes far deeper and involves three levels of consciousness.