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Practicing in the early hours of the morning has never been easy for me. But, I adapted in the early hours by creating a simple, short morning yoga sequence that slowly facilitates my open body. It is illustrated above. In fact, doing a gentle practice in the morning is something I’ve started to crave, and yes, I tend to savor a cup of coffee before the first posture or along with the sequence. Call the yoga police if necessary. If I want to do a more demanding yoga flow, which I usually save for the afternoon, I can easily use the above sequence as a template.

Once my body moves and generates some momentum, I can insert more challenging postures or include some combinations of demanding standing positions.


This morning yoga sequence is simple, balanced, and concise, as it is designed to help you stay consistent with your New Year’s practice. You will start in the child’s posture to release tension in the back before moving on to a simple turn and forward bending. I start 99% of internships at home this way.

You will increase the intensity once you enter Down Dog and do both sides of Lunging Quad Stretch. Eat these postures as much as you want. As you do these postures, set a long, slow breathing rate. From here, you can insert any style of greeting in the sun that you want to practice in this phase of the sequence. Make between 3-10 rounds. (See this greeting for Sun Greeting A and Sun Greeting B for more information on Sun Greetings.)

Postures 7-10 are a simple combination of standing postures that will strengthen the legs, open the hips and condition the whole body. If you want to include additional standing positions or slip a few arm balances into your sequence, this is where they should go.

The morning sequence concludes with a gentle backward tilt, neutral posture, and seated meditation. We invite you to intensify your back inclinations including Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) or Upward Bow, also known as Wheel Pose. (You can go here for a tutorial on Upward Bow.


The most important thing to practice at this time of year is to be consistent when it comes to climbing your mat. Sequence, duration, and intensity matter less than the practice. In my experience, students who fail to start a consistent practice at home do so for three reasons:

1. Their expectations and practice are too ambitious given their time constraints and competing demands.

2. They try to do too many postures and make their practice too intense.

3. Expect your home practice to feel exactly the same as your favorite yoga class. When workouts at home don’t feel exactly the same, they throw in the towel.

If your New Year’s resolution is to practice at home more consistently, try to avoid these inconveniences and include the following three keys to success in starting a home practice:

4. Focus on the postures you like. Practice them often and without embarrassment.

5. Focus on short, sustainable internships that you hope to return to over and over again.

6. Once you have established a consistent practice at home, increase your intensity and focus on challenging postures.

{illustrations by MCKIBILLO}

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