30 min Morning Yoga – Yoga at Home to FEEL GREAT

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How Yoga Benefits Pregnant Women?

Prenatal yoga has been shown to lead to a healthy pregnancy by many researchers as regular yoga sessions have been reported to relieve the low back pain associated with pregnancy, and relieve the irritation of the sciatic nerve. Some yoga postures stimulate the pituitary gland to increase the production of prolactin, which is a hormone that aids in the production of milk in breast feeding mothers.

Yoga and Yogis Lifestyle

You have a very busy schedule, work hard and take care of your family as well as meet your schedule. Then you wake up on the morning and need several cups of coffee to wake up. Sound familiar? We all look for a new and exciting way to make ourselves healthier and live a natural lifestyle. Yoga offers the view of the body and mind being one where you can find the harmony in your life. The benefits to the Yoga lifestyle are feeling better, more active, happier and serene.

Why a Yoga Retreat Gives You Massive Inspiration

Success is based on hard work but in order to work hard we need that divine sparkle of true inspiration that comes from within. Find out how doing a yoga retreat can bring you lots of inspiration and creativity.

How to Tell Kids Yoga Stories

Teaching Yoga to children can be a challenging and fun experience. Although first-time instructors might feel overwhelmed by the incredible amount of energy one room can hold, preparing ahead of time can make the kids’ Yoga class a lot less intimidating for the teacher.

Five Easy Yoga Techniques

As a yoga teacher, it can be difficult to explain the act of accepting one’s self to your students. Yet, the act of self-acceptance is a key toward a bright future. My mother was overweight for thirty years, trying diet after diet and alternating between success and failure as often as her weight fluctuated. She knew by the time she was 50 that no mere diet was going to help her lose the 200 excess pounds she needed to lose.

Yoga Poses for Surfers: Improving Stamina

Many practitioners enjoy cross training between their Yoga practice and a diversity of other athletic activities. In the summertime or in areas that are warm year round, water sports are very popular. Activities such as surfing, sailing, wind surfing, kayaking and body surfing are all very popular. Surfing is a water sport that offers the simplicity of being surrounded by the ocean and depending on the surf, a ferocious physical challenge.

Conquer Rheumatoid Arthritis With Yoga

This article talks about how yoga can help to deal with rheumatoid arthritis. It also discuss the ways in which yoga can overcome the pain and prevent it.

Excerpt From the Book Voice of Babaji: A Trilogy on Kriya Yoga

This is an excerpt from “The Voice of Babaji: A Trilogy on Kriya Yoga”. This was first published in 1952 by V.T. Neelakantan, S.A.A. Ramaiah and Babaji Nagaraj. During 1952 and 1953, Babaji appeared nightly before his “beloved child” Sri V.T. Neelakantan, a mystic and respected journalist, at the latter’s home in Egmore, Madras, India. Babaji had a request for his disciples Neelakantan and his “other half ” Sri S.A.A. Ramaiah (Babaji’s “beloved son”). He wanted his teachings to be recorded, in order for a new phase to begin in the Kriya Yoga Movement. He said that with the publication of these books his Kriya Yoga would spread to the nooks and corners of this earth. Babaji dictated these three books to V.T. Neelakantan, who wrote them down verbatim. Their introductory chapters were written by S.A.A. Ramaiah under Babaji’s guidance. Three additional books were also promised by Babaji. Our research to date has not enabled us to find these additional promised volumes.

Teaching Yoga for Foot Health

Do you get any requests for asanas or Yogic techniques to heal the feet? Most of our students ask us about techniques for reducing stress, back pain, and body weight. As essential as our feet are to Yoga, we give them little thought. Maybe we would treat them differently if we realized how great an impact they have on the rest of our body and the clues they hold to its general condition.

Teaching Yoga for the Waistline

Many women strive for that beautiful, slim waist seen on models, television actresses, and even important historical figures and actresses. The desire to have or maintain a narrow waist has been a part of lives for many years. Women will go to great lengths to get it, like sit-ups, weightlifting, jogging, aerobics and more. You might not automatically think of yoga when you think of a slim waistline, but many of the poses tighten the core while slimming the waistline, too. Even some men can benefit from a slimmer waistline. Try a few yoga poses to stretch, strengthen and lengthen the muscles around the waistline.