3 Ways You Can Embrace the Intersection of Science and Spirituality – Lena Franklin


We live in a time when so much {SCIENCE + SPIRITUALITY} is more necessary than ever in our lives, but in a Western society that prioritizes intelligence over intuition, it teaches us that the two are opposed.

Well, as a #TruthSpeaker, I’m here to UNDERSTAND this notion ~~> Science + spirituality are complementary, even deeply interconnected. I am sharing 3 ways in which YOU can embrace the intersection of science + spirituality ↴

▲ Change your understanding of the world: Our industrialized society teaches us that the world works like a machine with separate parts. In fact, our reality is more like a network, made up of patterns of inseparable relationships. Recognize the interdependence of accepting life as a living system that is both quantifiable and deeply spiritual.

▲ Rethink your relationship with spirituality: The spiritual life does not have to be austere, constantly deep, or take place in a temple or monastery. True spirituality is simply an augmented experience of being ALIVE, and when we are fully alive, we are creative, high-functioning, and present, all of which supports our ability to engage with both science and mysticism. our world.

▲ Staying close to nature: The more we understand nature, the more we understand the complex and magnificent systems that structure the world around us AND the systems that govern who we are. To understand nature is to understand the nature of the spiritual world, the material world, and the bond between the two.

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