3 Reasons to Change From “Doing” to “Being” Is Essential for Your Mental Health – Lena Franklin


{CHANGE HAPPENS} when we commit ourselves to living our whole lives as meditation, and one of the deepest + most important transitions we can make, as novice practitioners or experienced seekers, is the change from DOING TO BEING. Today I share 3 reasons why switching from “doing” to “being” is essential to your mental health ↴

CALM ANXIETY. Anxiety is a high-energy experience, and I see it so often in my students, clients, and myself that it gets stuck in the “What’s next?” and you have to do EVERYTHING. When we favor the * present * moment * over the * next * moment, we can BE more grounded, stable, clear + fortified.

I CONTRADICATE THE EMERGENCY. The mindset of doing constant is based on the false assumption that we are only worthy when we are producing, going and achieving perpetually. When we give ourselves permission to BE, we return to the truth that we are worthy + loved as we are, in the stillness of the moment, without ties.

ACCOMPANY THE ENLARGEMENT. The constant fact teaches us that all our roles, thoughts, and even our actions define us. To be is to unlearn this conditioning and return home to the reality that we are much more open, expansive, spacious + unlimited than we give ourselves credit for.


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