20 min Yin Yoga for Sleep in BED

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Food = Freedom? A Yogic Perspective

It matters what you put down that hole of yours. Your mouth.

How to Do Tai Chi

Tai Chi aims to calm and strengthen the body and bring peace to the mind and spirit. What the Chinese calls “chi” or your inner energy is harnessed to align the mind, body, and spirit in this physically demanding yet calming exercise. If you want to learn how to do tai chi, you can easily…

Yoga Poses For Weight Loss: The Healthy Way Of Losing Weight

According to studies, yoga poses for weight loss are really reliable. These poses can be used to achieve firm arms, butt, legs, as well as abs. It could be your greatest ally in preventing weight gain. By doing such activities, you can successfully achieve your desired weight in just three 3 weeks!

Some Major Hatha Yoga Benefits

Yoga is a great method to relax your mind, soul and body! Hatha Yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga that is known to offer several advantages in regard to physical and mental health. It includes various postures or asanas that flow smoothly and help you in the process of breathing. Postures range from challenging twists to relaxed lying positions.

Major Advantages Of Attending A Yoga Retreat

We all know that it is very hard to find some time to practice yoga due to the hectic lifestyle of the people. Tensions regarding work and family can really make it tough for you to concentrate on yoga. However, by choosing a yoga retreat you can easily get the right amount of serenity that you are looking for.

Important Things That A Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Needs To Know

Vinyasa Yoga is a popular form of yoga which focuses hard on the significance of breathing and executing postures in a completely balanced way. Here, the student needs to go through several poses for completing an entire sequence of Vinyasa yoga. While most of the studios and gyms are going to appoint untrained yoga instructors, it is quite good to go for a certification program so that you can get some leverage over the other candidates.

Becoming A Professional Kundalini Yoga Instructor

In the year 1969, Master Yogi Brahan brought Kundalini Yoga to the west and since then it has gained immense popularity in all parts of the world. Kundalini is usually associated with a special coiled snake. Kundalini teaching is basically based on the energy reservoir which is located at the base of the human spine.

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Ashtanga yoga is a popular kind of exercise which makes use of motion and breath to help the body get rid of various toxins. In order to teach this form of yoga, you need to be a certified instructor. Everyone knows that in order to become an Ashtanga yoga instructor you need to have loads of patience and dedication.

Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Much like other forms of yoga, Kundalini improves the practitioner’s overall emotional well-being. Meditation plays a major role in this practice, which keeps the mind grounded and provides peace of mind. Taking time out of your day, to relax and calm your mind, will bring forth great joy and happiness.

Participating In A Yoga Retreat Made Easy

Yoga retreats have gained immense popularity around the world as they act as great alternatives to usual vacations. Usually, individuals buy a complete package that caters to the practice of overall wellness. Yoga retreats can easily vary according to accommodations, yoga practices, activities, setting and price. We all know that participating in a yoga retreat can prove to be a really hectic task as most of the people are too busy in their lives.