15 Minute Wind Down Meditation Calming Music

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Yoga and Laughing at the Sky

For Yoga instructors, maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere can allow students to ask for assistance when needed, and encourage new students to return to class. Many Yoga novices complain of the seriousness, and even self-righteousness, of some senior practitioners, who behave as if cracking a smile demeans their discipline. Far from diminishing one’s Yoga practice, a good laugh can improve the mind and body connection.

Neck and Shoulder Problems in Yoga

Neck and shoulder pain seem to be a universal problem in the world today – thanks to the time spent hunched in front of a computer and behind the wheel in lengthy commutes. How can the neck and shoulders be relaxed? How can Yoga help maintain health in the upper body?

The Value of Family Yoga

One of the benefits of family Yoga is centered around the goal of making each practitioner aware of the moment. Practicing Yoga together encourages the members of the family to let go of worries or concerns while focusing on the moments they are spending together.

Feel the Difference With Yoga

Today most of us lead a busy life, so we don’t have much time to focus on exercise. An increasing number of individuals, all over the world are practicing yoga for its numerous benefits.

How Can Yoga Benefit an Unruly Child?

When practicing Yoga, a child needs to hold poses, complete breathing exercises, and follow meditation techniques. These methods require that the child focuses, and slows down enough, to complete each part of a session precisely. Yoga encourages each child to do this independently. This positively affects a child’s daily life, because he or she will learn to control actions, without having to wait for adult guidance.

Yoga Beginner Poses 2

If you want to begin your Yoga correctly, and therefore have the best results over time, you must first understand that there is a correct way to do each Yoga pose, and many, many incorrect ways. If you never have any clue as to the actual technique, it simply won’t happen on it’s own. Instead, the patterns that your body has developed over many years, some muscles too tight and others too weak, will determine how you do the Yoga pose. While you are practicing each pose, you should know exactly what you’re trying to do, and you should be able to measure your ability and understand what you need to do more of. This keeps the pose safe, informed, and interesting, and actually motivates you to come back to the pose again and again over time.

Yoga for Emotional Healing

The daily practice, of Yoga, provides emotional healing and support for a variety of reasons. In Yogic philosophy, it is believed that the ego is a major player in creating emotional disturbances, because it draws all conscious attention into itself.

Hatha Yoga for Improving Emotional Health

Yoga puts us in touch with our true nature and grounds us, so that we become strong – yet yielding; strong enough to bend with the winds of life – without breaking. This frees us from trying to control the uncontrollable.

Changing the Face and Zip Code of Yoga

An interview with Niroga founder Bidyut Bose discussing the origins of Niroga and its mission to bring yoga to underprivileged populations and youth. Niroga focuses on reducing violence through the teaching of Transformative Life Skills in schools, juvenile halls and cancer centers.

Yoga and Relaxation

Let me begin this article by walking you through a few relaxation techniques. Relaxation to unwind your mind is what I have in mind for you. For this exercise you do not need a yoga mat, after all you are reading an article not doing a comprehensive yoga workout or Hatha yoga for that matter.