15 Minute Short Deep Breathing Exercises | (Pranayama) Elevate Your Life Energy

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Locust Pose Yoga

Locust pose (Salabhasana) is a popular yoga pose that helps improve posture, increases energy levels, improves reaction time, improves balance, and strengthens the abdominal muscles. It makes your body more flexible and keeps you energetic, healthy and fit.

Yoga for World Peace

Those who practice Yoga know that it is a powerful tool for creating inner peace, one individual at a time. Yoga is a tool to release daily stress, worry, and annoyance. It urges you to focus on your body and breathing, as opposed to letting your thoughts run away, creating more stress and worry. The meditative portion of Yoga practice helps you live mindfully, or within the present moment.

Teaching Yogic Meditation for Cancer Recovery

The demand for Yoga and meditation in oncology departments is growing. As research confirms the benefits of meditation for the management and recovery of cancer, its practice will likely become a part of standard medical care. Who knows where the future will lead us? Meditation is part of every Yoga teacher training course. Perhaps meditation has been under appreciated recently, but its future as an adjunct therapy looks very bright.

Can Yoga Reduce Domestic Quarrels?

Yoga is known for improving a number of different physical ailments, from high blood pressure to insomnia, but can it affect behavior as well? When practiced on a regular basis, Yoga can indeed change the demeanor, behavior, and attitudes of a person. Over time, domestic quarrels can decrease.

How to Clean Gym Mats Before Using Them at the Gym

Mix yourself a bottle of water and vinegar. It should be 1 vinegar to 3 water. Mix it in a spray bottle so you can spray the mat. You will also need a towel to take with you. Once you get to the gym, get a mat and spray it with the vinegar and water mix.

Yoga for Conflict Prevention in Schools

Yoga classes are popping up in schools around the world. Studies have shown that Yoga can reduce students’ stress, improve concentration and grades, and help students form healthy, lifelong habits. As students learn the benefits that Yoga can provide, they begin to practice the poses and breathing techniques independently.

Teaching Yoga to Protect the Knees

Just like anything in life, the truth about Yoga, and knees, is both simple and complex. It is simply true that some Yoga asanas (postures) place strain on the knees, and that incorrect form can lead to knee pain or injury. It is also true that good therapeutic Yoga sessions can effectively end years of knee pain and debilitation.

Teaching Yoga for Aerobic Benefits

The modern health club version of Yoga, that people practice, does tend to emphasize cardiovascular health and endurance-building sessions over the mental and spiritual practices included in traditional Yogic schools. Those, who are interested in practicing a more physically challenging and athletic form, should enroll in Yoga classes at gyms, or they should try Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Flow or Power classes. These styles work the body with a focus on deriving strength and aerobic benefits from the session.

Would You Like to Try Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga for beginners. Talks about the history and the benefits of this type of yoga.

Finding Relaxation Through Hot Yoga

As yoga originated in Southern India, some teachers believe that replicating that region’s warm, humid climate helps to create an authentic and effective yoga experience. Among the native peoples of America’s Northwest, however, using heat to help achieve mental relaxation is a centuries-old tradition.