15 Minute Guided Water Meditation | Reminds Us Of Flow And Change

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Teaching Yoga for Muscular Balance

A lot of under-developed muscles need stretching, which is precisely what yoga poses offer. This is one of the main physical advantages of practicing yoga for muscular balance, since deep stretches increases a yogi’s awareness of his or her body and its areas of strength, weakness and energy.

Teaching Laughter Yoga for Cancer Patients

Laughter Yoga – are you serious? Many Yoga teachers don’t even consider it. Yoga is a serious art, science, and way of life. Should we make it into a joke? Paul Jerard often says, “we have to learn to laugh at ourselves.” In fact, taking life too seriously could kill us. Next time you think about adding a new Yoga class to the schedule, you might want to smile while you’re doing it.

Restorative Yoga for Cancer Patients

Recently, a friend passed a brochure to me from the oncology building at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island. To see Restorative Yoga on the schedule for women going through chemotherapy made so much sense. As Yoga instructors, we may often feel like we’re speaking to a wall, when addressing the medical community, but real progress is happening.

Teaching Yoga to Balance Emotional Flow

Yoga students come to our classes seeking practical solutions to life’s daily problems. If one becomes overwhelmed by negative emotional energy, this can cause chronic stress, anxiety attacks, and many more health problems. When we decided to become a Yoga instructor, we realized that many people need help to reach optimum health. In the holistic sense, health is physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Yoga is one of the oldest and most effective means of balancing the daily flow of emotions, and its benefits extend far beyond the mat or the meditation cushion.

The Practice of Yoga and Self-Compassion

The practice of nonviolence, including self-compassion, is one of the primary tenets of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Within the Yoga Sutras are a set of 196 sutras or aphorisms that detail the unfolding process of the practice of yoga and meditation. Ahimsa or nonviolence is one of the core injunctions of Raja Yoga, according to Patanjali. Ahimsa can take many forms.

Teaching Yoga to Build Strength

When you decided to become a yoga instructor, did you think you would get so many different requests? Many women and men want to gain strength without gaining size. As we know, more size is stressful on the leg joints and the heart. As a yoga instructor your mission is to help people maintain a long and healthy life.

Pilates Instructors Live Longer And Prosper

The Pilates industry continues to grow as people seek alternatives to their current stressful jobs. Why not choose the Pilates profession while earning a great income to boot? We will explore the benefits of choosing the Pilates training program in Kentucky. In addition, we will highlight the benefits of a career which includes flexible hours as well as having the ability to help people reach their goals.

Kids’ Yoga for Balanced Education

Yoga teachers are always searching for ways to help students’ focus, learn, and engage with academic materials. At the same time, many school teachers become frustrated when the students, “just won’t listen,” or “can’t understand the concepts.” Yoga can be a powerful tool for teachers to help students regain their focus throughout the school day.

What Is the Significance and Effect of Practicing the Shambavi Mudra?

When the practice of Shambhavi Mudra is sustained for some time, the left and right sides of the brain balance and integrate with each other. The integration helps the Yoga practitioner to expand his or her normal range of awareness. This expanded state of awareness enables a Yogi or Yogini to penetrate into the subtle levels of reality that are normally not accessible to most people.

Teach Yoga Students to Manage Back Pain

Continuing education courses for yoga teachers have many directions to venture into. When considering the direction of one’s yoga education, it might be worth considering your student’s needs. When we encounter so many people with back pain, it might be prudent to learn more yoga techniques that can help them.