15 Minute Guided Meditation To Boost Immune System

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Is Bikram Yoga Right For You?

Widely know as “hot yoga,” Bikram yoga aims to build your physical and mental strength. Bikram yoga also can improve your balance and flexibility. It also has roots in the Hatha yoga practice, which is intended to heal the body and mind.

Benefits Of Meditation For Beginners

Yoga and meditation are inter-linked. A meditative state is the natural outcome of yoga. A large number of people all around the world want to learn the correct techniques of yoga and meditation. Meditation is the simplest way to become one with the universe. The benefits of meditation are endless.

Yoga and Other Religions

Yoga finds the real “you” inside you. It brings body, mind and soul in perfect harmony with one another. Practice it and reap the advantages that were never known to you before.

Commercial Yoga Versus Real Yoga

The Vedas reveal the true goals of yoga. Trusted by all of the authorized authorities through antiquity to today, the Bhagavad Gita As It Is, reveals once and for all the path to success in yoga. Don’t be fooled by pretenders, bogie yogis and cheaters. Read more…

Like Pleasure and Hate Pain? Try Yoga!

“Raga” can be understood as excessive attachment to pleasure, whereas the avoidance of pain is known as “dvesha.” These seemingly natural human characteristics can create quite an imbalance if one is unconsciously feeding such desires. Over time, the ego expands as we add to our long list of likes and dislikes, and we come to know ourselves not as a divine expression but rather as a reactive machine, constantly responding to external stimuli. Raga can provide a platform for greed, lust and addiction, where fear, regret and hatred are the realms of dvesha.

Yoga – Melding Mind, Body and Health

Running and weight training leaves a body in great shape. However, what about the flexibility and inner peace that practicing yoga provides? While it isn’t easy to practice yoga in a mindful fashion, it can assist an athlete in both improving their physical and mental abilities.

Is Ashtanga Yoga the Right Yoga for You?

K. Pattabhi Jois developed and founded a type of yoga called Ashtanga Yoga. Known as Eight Limb Yoga is a type of yoga which has revolved in Pattanjali’s enormous idea. In it is presented the path of purification consists of eight spiritual practices.

Removing Stress Through Yoga

Yoga promises a stress free society if all its members start practicing it. Get ready to practice yoga and get ideal serenity.

Top 7 Tips To Increase Your Yoga Teacher Income

Making a full time living from teaching yoga can be a supreme challenge. So, here are seven tips to get you thinking about how to create a full time living as a yoga teacher.

What to Wear for Your Yoga Workout

There are some important consideration one should make when deciding what to wear for yoga, especially for beginners. This article was written to help you decide what clothes will be right for you and your yoga workout.