15 min Yin Yoga Stretches – Day #30 (RELAXING YOGA BEFORE BEDTIME)

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Yoga Still Works

Yoga is not like other athletics. It is different from the gym, and in some nontangible way, different from everything else we do. The practice physically kicks your butt. Yet, it does something even more to your mind.

5 Ways To Attract New Customers To Your Yoga Studio

There are several key ways to get more customers to come to your yoga studio. You want to continuously provide new and existing customers with updated information and offer convenient registration and class times. Enhancing communication and interactions with existing and potential customers to coordinate classes and get feedback is crucial to your studios success. You want to spread the word about the benefits of practicing yoga at your studio, and can use social media to market your business and offer promotions. Project professionalism and creating trust can be done through testimonials.

Live Healthy With Yoga

Every person in the world is concerned about their health and physical fitness. The hectic schedules of lifestyle and professional commitment often take away the much needed time from us to take care of our health and fitness. As a consequence we dedicate our time and effort on crash diets or other mode of losing weight like the consumption of synthetic supplements to get back into shape. We fail to acclimatize the adverse results which this hectic lifestyle can have on our body and mind.

Improve Yourself – Yoga and Asanas

Yoga and asanas not only improve your inner health but can also help you improve your body posture. However, they can’t make any alterations in your height but can noticeably improve your overall appearance. Nowadays, almost everyone faces a problem with their body posture.

Stay Fit All Your Life With Pranayam Yoga Asanas

Gone are the days when health complications such as indigestion, back pain, neck pain, obesity, arthritis and high blood pressure were associated with the old age. Nowadays both youngsters and elderly people are facing these problems. Reasons may be same or differ but the consequences are similar – strains and pains.

Yoga: Which Type Of Yoga Is Best For You

There are many types of yoga, but each kind has a different way of achieving flexibility, wellness and improved health. This article will examine some of the popular varieties of yoga.

Morning Yoga: A Teacher’s Perspective

Get up when you still want to sleep. Face the cold when your house is still warm. Drive to class while other are enjoying their coffee. Pull, push, twist, breath, sweat. Now, do all of this and end with a smile on your face and feeling of calm in your heart. Something about morning practice just to has a different effect.

5 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be stressful and overwhelming. Focus instead on 5 ways you can contribute to others and you will be amazed how much less stress and more gratitude you will feel this holiday season.

Origin of Yoga – Calculated Regulation of the Physical, Spiritual and Mental Disciplines

You can trace the history of yoga to almost 26,000 years back to ancient Indian history during the period known as “Golden Age” or the “Sat Yuga”, when the people were striving for Eternal Youth through the sanctified blessings of perpetual tranquility and a latent abundance of happiness. It is no wonder then that we still relate to yoga with the saints, Maharishis and hermits of yore. It is only when the historians discovered the largest civilization ever known to humanity; the Indus valley civilization, and excavation commenced, that several caricatures found on the soapstone seals proclaimed and starkly…

Yoga and Stress – Moderate Asanas With Pranayama and Meditation for the Best Results

No human being can claim a non-exposure to stress of some form or another, during his life. Various factors including physical threat or mental distress put into motion a chain of hormonal and chemical reactions in the body that trigger stress. At this stage, adrenaline pumps into the heart and the body and shuts down all unnecessary body functions to cope with this aggressive phenomenon.