14 Min Guided Meditation| Using Air To Refresh and Release

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Do Yoga at Work – How to Stay Balanced in the Corporate Environment

I wear yoga clothes to work. When no one is watching – I do sneaky little yoga poses. Like sitting up straight, twisting, and SSSShhh….breathing.

Yoga Techniques for Headaches

Since most headaches are caused by tension, which is often caused by stress, Yoga should be at the top of the list of headache relief and prevention strategies. Most people carry their tension in the back, shoulders and neck, and this can create a contraction of muscles around the neck and jaw as well as reduced blood flow to the brain. The result is often a tension headache.

Yoga Techniques for Stress Overload

Yoga’s focus on breathing, especially deep abdominal breathing techniques, is a well-known way to reduce stress levels. Modern science has established that taking short and shallow breaths, which is how the average person breathes throughout the day, can lead to depleted carbon dioxide levels in the body and can cause mental agitation.

Best Yoga Techniques for Anxiety Attacks

An understanding of Yoga philosophy can help address the problem of panic disorder. Anxiety attacks are a physical manifestation of mental or emotional anguish, and understanding that the symptoms are mental in origin, can give sufferers some control over the disorder. Yoga teaches us that a deep understanding of the problem is important in finding a solution.

An Introduction to Chandra Namaskar

The balancing sequence to Surya Namaskar is Chandra Namaskar, salutations to the moon. The practice of Chandra Namaskar pays reverence to the moon, feminine energy, dark and coolness. Over the years, numerous variations of Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation) have emerged.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga Props

Props are ideal for the practice of restorative Yoga, as they can aid the elderly and people with joint problems, pregnant women, heavy people and people with muscle weakness. Yoga exercises that open up the chest area are ideal for people with breathing difficulties and heart problems, as it promotes blood flow and lung capacity, and people with such problems can benefit greatly from the help of props.

How to Do Safe Yoga – 2

May I point out a few telling differences between the Eastern philosophy and the Western one to prove my point? East is more laid back, takes it easy, accepts things as they come, some more fatalistic than the others, ideally tuned to discipline, method and old traditions. The western world is more dynamic, hectic, ‘just do it’ philosophy, is ready to plunge in and generally goes gung-ho with anything new. That is the bane of all troubles and when the same attitude is applied in first-time yoga you are bound to be hurt. Sorry but that is the blunt and honest truth.

Yoga Is Not Just For Gurus!

Yoga should be fun and not boring. Yoga with movement helps the body’s awareness to avoid and overcome injury.

Safe Yoga Asanas for Fit Seniors

For healthy and fit seniors, who do not have any limiting medical or physical issues, maintenance is a priority. Fit seniors still face the typical joint problems and must work at maintaining or increasing muscle mass. Yoga can be a safe way to maintain a high level of fitness and take care of one’s skeletal health. Hatha Yoga is a low-risk method to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and improve breathing capacity, which addresses the needs of all adults.

Using Viveka to Work With the Shreyas and Preyas

Viveka is the ability of human discernment and discrimination. It is one of the core psycho-spiritual skills necessary for obtaining liberation from the bondage of maya. Maya is a Sanskrit term that refers to the temporary and illusory nature of this physical world. Using our divinely given power of viveka, to determine what is pleasurable from what is beneficial, helps us to align our lives with the highest principles of spiritual beauty.