12 min Morning Power Yoga – CORE STRENGTH

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Yoga Instructor – Making Your Mark in the Yoga Profession

If you have decided to take your love for yoga to the next step by becoming a certified instructor, you need to know what it takes to build your reputation in the industry. You can become the instructor that everyone wants to sit under by investing in yourself and being dedicated to your teaching. If you have a strong passion and knowledge, you need to find out where to get classes to become a yoga instructor so that you can make your mark in this fast growing profession.

3 Extra Benefits Of Yoga Retreats Apart From The Exercises

One of the best things about yoga is going for a yoga retreat. You get a change of scenery as you continue with your daily routine, which makes it more relaxing. These retreats are normally planned for in areas with breathe-taking views, away from noise and lots of fresh air, making it even better for your health.

Important Guidelines for a Successful Yoga Experience

Many people are signing up for yoga classes as a way to keep fit and live a healthy lifestyle. In order to get the full benefits of the exercise, you need to learn the basic guidelines. Many people think that it is difficult to master the art but this is usually because they try too hard instead of simply relaxing and allowing the body to flow with the mind.

Planning On Becoming A Certified Yoga Instructor? 3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Program

There is no greater feeling than the one you get after accomplishing something and continuing to increase your knowledge on it. For yoga, every program differs from the other due to the different levels people are in and needs they have. They offer skills and styles that should be significant to your target clients and practical teaching skills that will help you identify what type of instructor you want to be and what you would like to achieve at the end of the training.

Running an Ethical Yoga Business

Another overlooked cause of suffering yoga practices can be attributed to a perception of business ethics, which includes misconceptions about practices, such as marketing, business, and accepting payments for services. Some students perceive business and accepting money as supposedly not yogic.

4 Tips On Becoming The Best Yoga Instructor

Becoming a yoga instructor is more of a passion than just a career. You must be a people-person since you will be working with both individuals and groups with all kinds of characters; some you may like and others will leave you with frightening memories. Nevertheless, you if you have made it through the yoga teacher-training course or you are already teaching, here are some tips on becoming one of the best yoga instructors in your area.

4 Ways To Enjoy Some Quality Time With Your Spouse

Life gets harder every day and marriage does not make it any easier. Trying to juggle between being a partner and a parent can tend to wear you both out and you easily lose those special moments you used to spend together now and then. Now, the only time you see each other is either in the morning on your way out and in the evening, after a long day at work; which simply means that you will be taking dinner and then off to bed!

Top 3 Common Mistakes Beginners Make During Yoga

Before registering for one of the best yoga holidays this season, you should be able to ask yourself how much yoga you know? Many people who start yoga come with a hype and energy to learn how to pose like acrobats! That is the first mistake they make.

3 Tips On How To Choose The Best Yoga Retreat

Before making a final decision on which yoga classes to take, you must be commited to maintaining good health both in mind and in body. With regular exercises, yoga has proven to be one of the healthiest ways to improve your health and keep your life well balanced. If you have been feeling overworked or stressed by a situation in your life, then you need a vacation or one of the many yoga holidays offered today; let us dwell on the yoga retreat for now.

Is A Thriving Yoga Business A Fantasy?

Just as yoga instructors teach physical balance to their students, creating balance between yoga and business building is a must. Those who fail to implement crucial business aspects may ultimately find owning a business isn’t for them. Keeping in mind a few tips and objectives will soon turn fantasies into thriving studio realities.