10 min Morning Yoga to Wake Up ? EARTH ELEMENT

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Relief for Pediatric Conditions Through Yoga

Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise a child can learn, because it can help them learn meditation, good breathing techniques, and more. It can even affect their health in a positive way. Read on to find out the relationship of yoga basics to pediatric conditions.

Tapping The Real Spiritual Awakening

Even the most enlightened of spiritual teachers would be hard-pressed to put down spiritual awakening in words. While most of us at some point or the other do come across out-of-the-ordinary experiences, not all of them necessarily point towards spiritual awakening.

Yoga, Patanjali Style – The Satya Yama

There are many sides to Truth and non-truth; there have been/are/and will be times when Truth can do more harm than good, therefore, the ‘truth’ is/will not always the most harmless or integral response. This is an important perspective to absorb, along with the entire focus of the Yama Limb, which is ‘to do no harm to others’. These principles of Truth are all considered in the Satya Yama.

Yoga for Eyes, A Special Meditation

Aided by poor nutrition, little exercises, and a society that doesn’t care, eye problems abound. Here is a yoga solution to this problem.

How Does Yoga Reduce Orthopaedic Injuries?

No one in this world is born perfect. There are imbalances in various parts of our body and this can cause injuries if mishandled. Many sports athletes are now turning to an ancient form of practice – Yoga.

Of Gears and Yogis and Dreaming the Sleepers

People are so caught up in the daily grind of life. A dedicated practice of Yoga will nto only give a strong and healthy body, but free you from that daily grind. Namaste.

Yoga, Patanjali Style – The Eight Limbs

As the compiler of the Yoga Sutras, Patanjali’s teachings, or suggestions rather, can be considered a ‘code of conduct’ for the body-mind-soul unit. This code assists with elevating individual and collective consciousness to ultimately reach Omnipresence.

Yoga, Patanjali Style – The Ahimsa Yama

The first Limb of Patanjali Yoga is the Yama limb, which consists of 5 Yamas, all focusing on practicing ‘good behavior to others’. The Ahimsa Yama is the first Yama and translates to the ‘Practice of nonviolence towards others in actions, words, feelings or thoughts.’

An Approach to Seva Yoga

People who conduct Yoga for the welfare of mankind are called sevaks and their work is called Seva i.e. serving. Seva Yoga is a blessing in disguise. The joy and happiness you get by offering your love and affection to another human being becomes a blessing for you. Most people have their first experience of yoga by joining a yoga class and practice all the asana. When we begin yoga, it is often the physical body that is the centre of interest and priority. Hence yoga classes are oriented around the physical practices of asana and pranayama. We approach these practices with the understanding that they are going to be beneficial for the body.

Yoga Therapy – A Remedy

Yoga therapy is difficult to define, in part because of the breadth and depth of the tradition itself, and because, like Yoga, the discipline can be approached in so many different ways. It is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the philosophy and practice of Yoga.