10 Benefits of Meditation for Students

Let’s look at each of them in small detail, mixed with experience and scientific studies.

  1. Best approach:

meditation%2Bfor%2Bstudents%2B2The most important part of meditation is being in the present. And to do that, you need an anchor, for example breathing. When you practice meditation as you begin to get used to focusing on the anchor, your power to focus increases.

There is no rocket science here!

“The way to improve in anything is to practice it over and over again”

While meditating, practice concentrating on something for 15 to 20 minutes a day. And that will obviously increase your ability to concentrate.

Studies have also shown that meditation increases the ability to maintain attention. In other words, sustained attention.

But it is so important to develop in a skill. Therefore, it is necessary to focus for longer, which means that you need to meditate for longer in one session. However, it is difficult to keep increasing the duration of meditation. You can apply the trick I mentioned in the article, “How to meditate longer without getting bored.”

2. Increased creativity:

Creativity and a focused mind seem to oppose each other. But this is absolutely wrong! Studies have shown that you get ideas and solutions to creative problems, not while worrying about this problem, but while doing some mundane work and dreaming of something else at the same time.

It means that you have to give space to your mind in order to get such creative ideas. And what better way to get space than meditation!

That doesn’t mean you have to start meditating if you want a creative idea, and you’ll get one right away. Meditation helps to lessen the amount of thoughts that lead to a wandering mind.

“Your mind wonders about 47% of the time, all your life! That means you’re deep into the past or the future for half your life.”

This statistic was found by a recent study at Howard University.

3. Better memory capture and retention power:

This benefit of meditation is directly related to the ability to be in the present and concentrate.

When you focus on something more difficult, it automatically stays in your brain for longer. Meditation improves the ability to concentrate and therefore the ability to hold more and retain the grip for longer periods of time.

A study was done on people who had never meditated before. After meditating for 20 minutes for 50 days, the shape of their brains changed! The surface area of ​​the brain increased. And there was also an increase in the prefrontal cortex! And not only that, it also increased the number of alpha waves coming out of the brain. This is a sign of a deeply relaxed mind.

This study inspired me to meditate for at least 50 days when I first started meditating, but then I got hooked on this wonderful exercise!

4. Increased logical reasoning.

In the study mentioned above, it was seen that the size of the prefrontal cortex increased. And the prefrontal cortex of the brain is responsible for problem solving, logical reasoning, social behaviors, decision making, and more.

Therefore, increasing the size of the prefrontal cortex directly suggests an increase in logical reasoning and problem solving.

What I have experienced over the years meditating is that the reason for better logical reasoning is to approach a problem. I started looking at problems or situations from many different perspectives. And that often translates into better solutions and reasoning.

5. Stronger willpower or self-control:

As with focus and attention, so with willpower. Once you develop the willpower to meditate daily, even though it sometimes becomes boring and monotonous, you will no doubt increase your willpower and self-control.

However, this is not the only reason suggested by meditation that helps to increase willpower. Meditation changes the functionality and structure of the brain in order to increase self-control.

I have noticed this increase in self-control in my life after meditating daily. I had a disease, of which I had to stop eating all the food with bread to cure myself! Not just bread, but cheese and so much more. I had an allergy to these foods in some way, which had caused the disease. It’s been a year since the disease was cured, and so far I haven’t eaten a single loaf of bread! And because of the amount of love I have for bread, I couldn’t do that for a month! I think all the credit goes to meditation! And this is just one of the many ways in which meditation has changed my life!

6. Positive mindset:

Several studies have shown that medical students, and high school students especially in India, fall into depression due to the pressure of college and family!

“Meditation is just acceptance!”

Meditation helps students to accept their skills and not get stressed out. This results in a happier self. And depression runs away from happy people to embrace stress!

And along with the benefits mentioned above, a student can increase hsi skills to perform better in school, which eliminates the reason for stress!

When I had bigger goals than my potential, I sometimes started to get a little stressed. Not because I had set such high goals, but because ‘Fear of failure’. And once I started meditating, it seemed like the fear was gone, and what was left was the motivation to do as much as I could!

“Dream of the stars, and at least you’ll land on the moon!”

Instead of depressing thoughts, my mind began to feed on thoughts like these! And believe me, the mind has the power to do all the things in life! Books like “The Secret” and “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind” have delved into this and are “Read Once in a Life” books for me.

7. Decreased distractions:

Meditation improves self-control, which is what we have seen before. But what can increase this self-control can be a decisive factor in making or breaking your life!

This increase in willpower can make you less attracted to distractions that can be detrimental, while your main goal should be studies. Habits such as smoking, drinking, and even addiction to pornography and smartphones are disastrous distractions for a student. Meditating daily can improve your self-control and decrease your chances of falling into these distractions.

It’s not about being distracted once, it’s about developing the habit of being distracted by the things that matter least at the moment.

8. Increased self-confidence:

A student needs self-confidence in many ways. Students must make decisions that will mark their career and their whole life. If a student does not have enough confidence, he can make bad decisions that can ruin his career.

Meditation is the best way to increase self-confidence, along with all the other benefits, it proves to be the best exercise for students.

9. Elimination of stage fright:

Increased self-confidence had many benefits, but one of the main ones is the elimination of stage fright.

Stage fear isn’t just the fear of talking on stage, it’s the fear of talking to a larger group or audience. It also means speaking in front of a class or expressing your vote in group activities.

Meditation eliminates fear on stage by increasing your self-confidence and making you confident enough to influence people!

10. Elimination of EGO:

Meditation increases your self-confidence, but it does not allow you to become an ego. The ego leads to so many mistakes that people repent at a later stage of life.

Meditation proves to oneself that it is not what one thinks. Meditation is shown in the mirror. What doesn’t make a person feel less than they are, makes them feel real.

So these are the “10 Reasons Students Should Meditate”

Share this article with at least one friend and motivate them to meditate. Thank you in a few months! Keep meditating, keep promoting meditation!

-A simple meditator

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